About Astronomy and Space

Astronomy and Space is where I share a record of my adventures in learning more about the universe. Hopefully, most of what I write on the blog is correct…

Favorite Posts

Here’s a list of some of my favorite posts on the blog if you’re just getting started:


I started this blog in December 2006. At the time, I had an interest in space, and recently started playing around with Blogger. I decided to start a blog about astronomy, in which I would share interesting new things, and quickly gave it the name Astronomy and Space. I wasn’t quite sure exactly what I would write about on my blog then, so I came up with a broad subtitle that included everything I could possibly write: “News, Updates, and Information about Astronomy and Space.”

At first, my posts were extremely short. I covered news events and some interesting items I found online (like Stardust@Home). Gradually over time, my posts started getting longer and more detailed. The actual work of writing a post seemed more enriching.

In the summer of 2010, I reflected back at the reasons why I write on this blog. I was interested in what had kept me going at a fairly regular pace for almost four years. I decided that the process of writing posts had evolved to become somewhat of a self-satisfying and selfish task. I was not writing simply to share with others the things that I was discovering. I was also working fulfill my own informational needs. There is a continual yearning inside me to learn anything and everything I can about the universe beyond our planet. And understanding specific topics in order to write a post becomes a way to satisfy that yearning. Writing about my own personal explorations, I have found, also lets me better file what I learn into my memory. Now, subconsciously, I have been using writing posts as an excuse to deeply understand a new discovery or an interesting phenomenon.

In the summer of 2011, I migrated the blog over to Tumblr. I felt Tumblr fit much better with how I wanted to write and maintain a blog. It was a tough decision, but ultimately the right one. My old blog on Blogger is still available for archival purposes.

Just recently, I decided to get the blog its own domain. I felt that this project is important enough for me to deserve a home of its own.

Logo and Subtitle

I developed a subtitle and logo for the blog a few years after its creation. They are both referencing the “Pale Blue Dot” name Carl Sagan gave to the Earth in a picture (of the same name) taken by the Voyager 1 spacecraft in 1990. I wrote a post about it, and Sagan’s reflections about the pictures are very moving and inspiring.

The pale blue dot in the center of the logo represents the Earth. The circular rings surrounding the dot were initially supposed to evoke Saturn’s rings, since a picture of Saturn was my previous “logo”. The cut away in the rings was designed to make the entire logo look like the observing symbol used in astronomy figures and diagrams. It symbolizes the entire pale blue dot observing the entire universe.